Name Call Status Deadline Apply Here
The Xi’an Jiaotong University Scholarships for Master’s and PhD Program 2018-19 One time Active 10th June 2018 Apply Here
HEC-CRBC Scholarship Program Offered by China Road and Bridge Corporation for the Year 2018 One time Active 2nd July 2018 Apply Here
USPCAS-W Applied Research Program (2018) - Call for Research Proposal General One time Inactive 19th Jan 2018 Apply Here
UN WOMEN Project Inspire: 5 Minutes to Change The World One time Inactive 1st July 2016 Apply Here
TUBITAK - PSF Bilateral Cooperation Call One time Active 12th February 2018 Apply Here
President's Medal for Technology 2017 Recurrent Inactive 31st December 2017 Apply Here
Pakistan-United States Science and Technology Cooperation Program (Phase 7) Recurrent Inactive 13th January 2017 by 6:00 pm EST (Washington, DC time) Apply Here
Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) Research Support Programme Always Open Active Anytime Apply Here
Pakistan Health Research Council (PHRC) - Research Grant Always Open Active Rolling Apply Here
Launch of the Global CleanTech Innovation Programme (GCIP) Call for Awards 2017 Recurrent Active 10th June, 2017 Apply Here
Industry - Academia Research Seed Grant Program in Water 2018 One time Inactive 19th January 2018 Apply Here
IGNITE - National ICT R&D Fund Always Open Active 3 Months Prior to Commencing the Project Apply Here
IGNITE - National Grassroots ICT Research Initiative 2017-18 Recurrent Active 28th February 2018 Apply Here
HEC Outstanding Research Award (2015-2016) Recurrent Inactive 25th January 2017 Apply Here
HEC - Thematic Research Grants Program Recurrent Inactive 5th January 2018 Apply Here
HEC - Textbook and Monograph Writing Scheme Recurrent Inactive 31st March 2017 Apply Here
HEC - Technology Development Fund (TDF) Recurrent Inactive 15th​​ November 2017 Apply Here
HEC - Start-Up Research Grant Program (SRGP) Always Open Active Open Apply Here
HEC - Social Integration Outreach Programme Recurrent Inactive 9th December 2016 Apply Here
HEC - Research Travel Grant Always Open Active 6 weeks (42 days) Prior to the Event Date Apply Here
Best IT Innovation Awards (BITA) Recurrent Inactive 31st October 2017 Apply Here
Center for Advanced Studies in Agriculture and Food Security Grants Recurrent Inactive 30th April 2017 Apply Here
HEC - Grant to Organize Seminar, Conference and Training Workshop Always Open Active 6 Weeks (42 Days) Prior To the Event Date Apply Here
HEC - Interim Placement of Fresh PhDs Program (IPFP) Always Open Active Apply after the submission of PhD thesis Apply Here
HEC - International Research Support Initiative Program Always Open Active Applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as they are eligible and fulfill the basic criteria Apply Here
HEC - National Research Program for Universities (NRPU) Recurrent Inactive 31st October 2017 Apply Here
HEC - Problem Basec Applied Intedisciplinary Research Programme (PBAIRP) One time Inactive 15th January 2018 Apply Here