The LUMS Faculty Initiatives Fund (FIF) is an internal funding mechanism that awards competitive grants of between Rs. 500,000 to Rs. 1,000,000 to LUMS faculty. These grants are intended to help faculty members develop innovative projects that might enhance the university and lead to larger endeavors, new research initiatives, external funding opportunities or unusually creative works. All full-time and research faculty members at LUMS are eligible to apply for the grant. Proposals may be submitted individually or by a group of faculty within or across schools to the Office of Sponsored Programmes and Research.

Limitations of FIF

The following are the limitations of FIF:
  • Recipients of the award (PI & Co-PI(s)) cannot draw any fee/remuneration/compensation or salary out of the research award. 
  • The FIF will not be used for attending national or international conferences. 
  • The FIF will not be used to purchase any capital equipment, including personal computers, laptops etc. In special cases, an approval may be granted by the VC, provided there is a strong justification. 
  • All PIs are required to submit project initiation, mid-year and end-of-year reports. 
  • Unspent funds will not be available after the project deadline. 
  • At the end of the project, outcomes will be reviewed and the PI performance will be evaluated. Future funding will take into account the feedback of the review. 
  • Only one award will be granted to the PI and Co-PI regardless of the number of projects submitted. For example PI-A and Co-PI-B or PI-B and Co-PI-A will be granted only one award for the projects they submit together. 

FIF Calls 

FIF calls are announced two times in a year. The cycles for FIF are:

Call 1: January - December
Call 2: July - June


Policy - Faculty Initiative Fund (FIF)

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Principal Investigator Research Event Title Department School Year of Approval Category
Naveed Ul Hassan IEEE International Conference on Communication Electrical Engineering SBASSE 2016 Telecommunication
Suleman Shahid International Conference on Information & Communication Technologies and Development Computer Science SBASSE 2016 Computer vision/technology
Wasif Tanveer Khan IEEE Microwave Symposium 2016 Electrical Engineering SBASSE 2016 Technology
Muhammad Azeem Law and Society Annual Conference Law & Policy SAHSOL 2016 Law and Policy
Mohammad Waseem Research for Book – Politics of Pakistan in 21st Century HSS MGSHSS 2016 Political Sciences
Nida Yasmeen Kirmani AAS in Asia Conference HSS MGSHSS 2016 Other
Hadia Majid Group Based Inequity: Pattern and Trends- UNU WIDER Project Workshop Economics MGSHSS 2016 Behavioural studies
Maryam Wasif Khan Society for Novel Studies Biennial Conference HSS MGSHSS 2016 Other
Imtiaz ul Haq Economics and Finance Association - Summer Meeting Economics MGSHSS 2016 Economic Development/ Law and policy
Syed Muhammad Hussain Canadian Economics Association Annual Conference Economics MGSHSS 2016
Falak Sher Development of Thermoelectric Oxides for Renewable Energy Conversion Technologies Chemistry SBASSE 2010 Energy
Adnan Khan Inter-institutional Collaboration in Health Care: Developing Image Processing Algorithms for Molecular Diagnostics and Radiology Projects with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Centre Mathematics SBASSE 2010 Health
Abubakr Muhammad LUMS Mine Detector: An Affordable and Scalable Robotic Swarm for Landmine Detection Electrical Engineering SBASSE 2010 Sciences
Muhammad Tariq Molecular Characterization of Threonine Phosphorylation in Enhancer of Zeste Involved in Maintenance of Cell Memory Biology SBASSE 2010 Sciences
Mumtaz Ali Sheikh Smart 3-D Terrain Mapping with Laser Ranging and Agile Optics for Use with Robots Physics SBASSE 2010 Sciences
Imran Ali Energy Sector Management and Policy Research SDSB SDSB 2010 Energy
Farzad Rafi Khan Lifting the Veil: The Organizational Face of Public Policy Strategic Decisions in the Pakistani Energy Sector SDSB SDSB 2010 Political Sciences
Umar Saif Simplified Processing of Massive Scientific Data Computer Science SBASSE 2010 Technology
S.M. Turab Hussain Critical Issues in Pakistan's Industry Economics MGSHSS 2010 Law and Policy
Ali Khan Cinema and Society: Project on A History of the Pakistani Film Industry HSS MGSHSS 2010 Arts and Heritage
Emma Varley Fragile Peace, Enduring Risks: Ethnographic Analysis of Reproductive and Maternal Health in Post-Conflict Gilgit-Baltistan HSS MGSHSS 2010 Health
Faheem ul Islam How to Develop Industrial SME Clusters? Literature Review and Assessment of Current Practices in Pakistan SDSB SDSB 2010 Business and Innovation
Kamran Haider Identification of therapeutically important regions within the NS3 and NS5B Regions of Hepatitis C‐Virus (genotype‐3) Biology SBASSE 2012 Health
Hammad Siddiqui The Implications of Thinking by Analogy for Financial Markets Economics MGSHSS 2012 Business and Innovation
Syed Zahoor Hassan Understanding Technology Based Innovation Ecosystem of Pakistan and Impact of Innovation on Performance of Pakistani Organizations. SDSB SDSB 2012 Business and Innovation
Livia Holden Ladies Judges of Pakistan HSS MGSHSS 2012 Law and Policy
Nida Yasmeen Kirmani Exploring the Role of Religion in Women’s Rights Advocacy in Punjab and Sindh: Possibilities and Pitfalls HSS MGSHSS 2012 Education
Muhammad Ghufran Ahmad Cultural influences on the effectiveness of organizational leadership: A study of Pakistan SDSB SDSB 2012 Education
Momin Ayub Uppal A Cost-Effective EEG based Noninvasive Brain-Computer Interface Electrical Engineering SBASSE 2012 Technology
Kamran Ali Chatha An Analysis and Design of Dairy Sector Supply Chain in Pakistan SDSB SDSB 2012 Business and Innovation
Abubakr Muhammad LUMS Test-bed for Demonstrating Canal Automation in Smart Water Grids Electrical Engineering SBASSE 2012 Water
Ghayoor Abbas Chotana Design and Synthesis of Novel Functionalized Polycyclic Aromatics for Potential Applications in Organic Electronics Chemistry SBASSE 2013 Sciences
Ihsan Ayyub Qazi Improving Performance of Cloud Data Centers Using Software-defined Networks Computer Science SBASSE 2013 Telecommunication
Zakir Ullah Production of induced pluripotent stem cells from patient biopsies Biology SBASSE 2013 Sciences
Waqas Majeed Automatic Detection of Epileptic Events in Clinical Data: A Collaborative Project with Punjab Institute of Mental Health Electrical Engineering SBASSE 2013 Health
Rahman Shah Zaib Saleem Synthesis of new aromatically decorated chemotype targeting MDM2-p53 interaction, with potential applications in cancer treatment Chemistry SBASSE 2013 Health
Misbah Tanveer Chaudhry Labor Market Participation Decisions in Pakistan-A Gender Perspective SDSB SDSB 2013 Economic develpoment
Salman Khan Impact of access to finance on the growth of SME's in Pakistan SDSB SDSB 2013 Business and Innovation
Choudhry Tanveer Shehzad Sovereign Ratings Changes and KSE Sentiment SDSB SDSB 2013 Business and Innovation
Rashid Memon Do Migrants Bring Their Castes With Them: Identity and Occupational Mobility In Lahore Economics MGSHSS 2013 Behavioural studies
Ali Mohsin Qazilbash The supreme court of Pakistan's landmark decisions and legal lexicon project Law & Policy SAHSOL 2013 Law and Policy
Ijaz Haider Naqvi Design and Development of Wireless Sensor Networks in Industrial Monitoring and Control Electrical Engineering SBASSE 2013 Telecommunication
Basit Shafiq A Privacy-preserving Framework for Collaborative Business Process Composition Computer Science SBASSE 2013 Technology
Muhammad Sabieh Anwar Observing magnetization dynamics of single molecule magnets using polarized light Physics SBASSE 2013 Sciences
Kamran Ali Chatha Internationalization of Manufacturing – The State of Pakistani Firms SDSB SDSB 2013 Trade
Samina Quratulain Cultural Frames for Negotiation SDSB SDSB 2013 Other
Hassan Haider Karrar Markets, Merchants and the State: An Exploration of the Informal Mechanism between Sino-Central Asian and Sino-Pakistan Trade HSS MGSHSS 2014 Trade
Hassan Abbas Khan Power flow control for optimized solar PV systems Electrical Engineering SBASSE 2014 Energy
Nida Yasmeen Kirmani Understanding the Impact of Urban Conflict on Everyday Lives: Narratives of Insecurity and Marginalisation in Lyari’ HSS MGSHSS 2014 Behavioural studies
Abubakr Muhammad Canal Drones : Precise 3D Profiling of Siltation in Waterways Electrical Engineering SBASSE 2014 Technology
Azer Reza Fiber-Optic Applications using Agile and Tunable Photonics Electrical Engineering SBASSE 2014 Technology
Adnan Khan Control of Bacterial Growth in a Biofilm Mathematics SBASSE 2014 Sciences
Imran Naeem Optimal control of the Transmission Dynamics of the Hepatitis C with Quarantine Mathematics SBASSE 2014 Sciences
Ghayoor Abbas Chotana Rapid & Convenient Synthesis of Biologically Active Aryl/Heteroaryl Indole Alkaloids Chemistry SBASSE 2014 Sciences
Sikander Ahmed Shah Rent-Seeking in Pakistan-India Trade Under the GATT Law & Policy SAHSOL 2014 Trade
Farrah Arif Understanding of Financial Inclusion through M-banking in Pakistan – A Perspective of Consumer Innovativeness SDSB SDSB 2014 Business and Innovation
Waqar Zaidi Discourses and Ideologies of the ‘Atomic Age’: A Cultural Approach to the Atomic Bomb in International Affairs, 1945 - 1960 HSS MGSHSS 2014 Other
Muhammad Shehryar Shahid Cognitive Determinants of Entrepreneurial Behaviour amongst Students SDSB SDSB 2014 Behavioural studies
Muhammad Shehryar Shahid Cognitive Determinants of Entrepreneurial Behaviour amongst Students SDSB SDSB 2014 Behavioural studies
Ali Khan Growth of Islamic Religiosity in Pakistan: Manifestations and Impact HSS MGSHSS 2014 Behavioural studies
Atif Saeed Chaudry Bank Competition and Business Cycles SDSB SDSB 2014 Business and Innovation
Muhammad Adeel Ahmed Pasha Indoor positioning system using visible LED lights Electrical Engineering SBASSE 2014 Technology
Ahmed Jawaad Afzal Analysis of the RIN4 proteins in important crop plants using the Nicotiana benthamina heterologous system Biology SBASSE 2014 Sciences
Ali Usman Qasmi Problematizing Citizenship in a Postcolonial Nation-State: A Case Study of Pakistan HSS MGSHSS 2014 Other
Ferhana Ahmed Mortgage Backed securities, evaluation and modelling SDSB SDSB 2014 Business and Innovation
Habib-ur- Rehman Development of Novel Optically Clear High Refractive Index Photo-Curable Nano-composites for Flat Panel Displays Chemistry SBASSE 2014 Sciences
Hamid Abdul Basit Design and Implementation of a Language-Independent Software Clone Management Tool Suite for Single and Multiple Systems Computer Science SBASSE 2014 Telecommunication
Kashif Zaheer Malik Encouraging Entrepreneurship: A Randomized Evaluation of Micro-Venture Capital - An Initial Assessment Economics MGSHSS 2014 Business and Innovation
Misbah Tanveer Chaudhry Women’s Economic Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship SDSB SDSB 2014 Economic develpoment
Momin Ayub Uppal Projectile Tracking using Acoustic Localization Electrical Engineering SBASSE 2014 Telecommunication
Muhammad Tariq Quest for Identification of Novel Epigenetic Cell Memory Factors: Establishing a Cell based Reporter Assay in Flies Biology SBASSE 2014 Sciences
Mumtaz Ali Sheikh Super-resolution Confocal Microscopy through Wavefront Control in Complex Media Physics SBASSE 2014 Sciences
Naveed Arshad GreenSMS: A Low-cost and Non-invasive System to Reduce Load Shedding Computer Science SBASSE 2014 Energy
Syed Shahzad ul Hussan Development of Hepatitis C Viral and Human Immunodeficiency Viral Cellular Infectivity Assays to Identify New Potential Therapeutics Biology SBASSE 2014 Health
Muhammad Shakeel Sadiq Jajja Factors Affecting Adoption of Social and Environmental Compliance Practices in Suppliers of International Brands in the Developing Countries SDSB SDSB 2014 Business and Innovation
Choudhry Tanveer Shehzad Foreign Speculation and Pakistan’s Equity Markets: Innocence at Large SDSB SDSB 2014 Business and Innovation
Waqas Majeed Presurgical mapping using task-driven and resting state fMRI: A collaborative project with Aga Khan University Hospital Electrical Engineering SBASSE 2014 Health
Khawaja Zain ul Abdin Investigating the effectiveness of Facebook as a delivery channel for social marketing campaigns on women’s health in Pakistan SDSB SDSB 2014 Health
Mohsin Bashir Public Service in Pakistan: A Post Colonial Perspective SDSB SDSB 2014 Education
Rashid Memon Ethnic Violence and Labor Unrest in Pakistan Economics MGSHSS 2014 Political Sciences
Zakir Ullah Identification of growth factors secreted by the placenta Biology SBASSE 2014 Sciences
Muhammad Sabieh Anwar Fine Tuning of an In-house Developed Atomic Force Microscope Physics SBASSE 2015 Sciences
Hadia Majid Electricity and Rural Development: Insights from a Natural Experiment in Punjab, Pakistan Economics MGSHSS 2015 Energy
Saad Azmat Persuasion by Islamic Banks SDSB SDSB 2015 Business and Innovation
Ihsan Ayyub Qazi Towards Predictable and Resilient Multi-Tenant Cloud Datacenters Computer Science SBASSE 2015 Telecommunication
Murtaza Taj Digital Preservation of Pakistan's Heritage Computer Science SBASSE 2015 Technology
Basit Shafiq Codec: Composition and Management of E Government Provesses in the Cloud of Public Services Computer Science SBASSE 2015 Telecommunication
Safee Ullah Chaudhary LUMSPROT 2.0 – A High Performance MATLAB Toolbox for Searching Protein Mass Spectra using NVIDIA’s Graphical Processing Unit Arrays Biology SBASSE 2015 Sciences
Muhammad Saeed Isolation, purification and characterization of protein(s) that are modulated by estrogen-DNA depurinating adducts to induce cancer-specific mutations and drug resistance Chemistry SBASSE 2015 Sciences
Muhammad Tahir Development of a Software Defined Radio Test-bed utilizing GPS Signals for Navigation Applications Electrical Engineering SBASSE 2015 Telecommunication
Salman Noshear Arshad Self-cleaning water filter based on polymer nanofibers for bacterial and viruses removal from drinking water Chemistry SBASSE 2015 Water
Hassan Rauf Chaudhry Operationalization of stylistic innovation process for short life cycle product SDSB SDSB 2015 Business and Innovation
Amir Faisal Development of PTEN knockout isogenic breast cancer cell lines to study the mechanism of resistance to PI3 kinase/Akt inhibitors Biology SBASSE 2015 Health
Sadia Hamera Dissecting the role of tomato AGO4 in plant innate immunity Biology SBASSE 2015 Sciences
Muhammad Zaheer Green Catalytic Conversion of Waste Paper to Fuels and Chemicals Chemistry SBASSE 2015 Energy
Nadeem Ahmad Khan Enabling EEG signal technology for home health care Electrical Engineering SBASSE 2015 Technology
Furrukh A. Khan The Walton Refugee Camp Project HSS MGSHSS 2015 Economic develpoment
Kamran Ali Chatha Determinants of Internationalization Performance of SMEs: Institutional, Cultural, and Capability Factors SDSB SDSB 2015 Business and Innovation
Abubakr Muhammad Safe Roadmaps: Vehicle-specific Traversability & Safety Verification of Broken-Roads and Off-Road Pathways Electrical Engineering SBASSE 2015 Technology
Sadaf Ahmad Pakistani Police Women-An Ethnography HSS MGSHSS 2015 Behavioural studies
Naveed Arshad Attaining Maximum Solar Energy through Fine Grained Clustering in Home Area Networks Computer Science SBASSE 2015 Energy
Naveed Ul Hassan Experimental Validation of Smart Grid Technologies by Building a Test Bed at LUMS Electrical Engineering SBASSE 2015 Technology
Nida Yasmeen Kirmani Understanding the Causes and Consequences of Urban Conflict in Lyari, Karachi HSS MGSHSS 2015 Behavioural studies
Momin Ayub Uppal Wireless sensors integrated mobile decision support system for antenatal healthcare in rural settings Electrical Engineering SBASSE 2015 Telecommunication
Hassan Abbas Khan Optimized solar PV energy integration to Weak-Grids for Developing Countries Electrical Engineering SBASSE 2015 Energy
Ali Nobil Ahmad The Politics of Resources in Pakistan’s Peripheries HSS MGSHSS 2015 Political Sciences
Farasat Munir Development of an ultrasonic test bed for biomedical and detection applications. Electrical Engineering SBASSE 2015 Technology
Nauman Ahmad Zaffar High Power Density Inverter for intermittent grid and electrical drives with enhanced efficiency and low switch stresses. Electrical Engineering SBASSE 2015 Technology
Muhammad Tariq Aberrant DNA methylation as signature for breast cancer patients in Pakistani population Biology SBASSE 2015 Sciences
Ali Raza Bards, Minstrels, and Outcastes: Oral Narratives and Subordinate Histories HSS MGSHSS 2015 Arts and Heritage
Rahman Shah Zaib Saleem Synthesis of tethered biaryls and their evaluation to selectively kill the cancer cells with supernumery centrosomes Chemistry SBASSE 2015 Health
Nauman Zafar Butt Optimization of contacts for silicon solar cell technology for efficiency enhancement Electrical Engineering SBASSE 2015 Energy
Muhammad Shehryar Shahid Informal Sector Entrepreneurship: Evaluating the Degrees of (in)formalization of Entrepreneurs in the Automotive Sector of Pakistan SDSB SDSB 2015 Business and Innovation
Syed Shahzad ul Hussan Designing the specific antibody-selecting probes consisting of the conserved regions of the Hepatitis C envelope in the native conformation Biology SBASSE 2015 Sciences
Ijaz Haider Naqvi Design and Development of an RF Coverage Optimization System using Spatio-Temporal Mobile User Densities and Autonomic Network Management Approach Electrical Engineering SBASSE 2015 Telecommunication
Ahmed Jawaad Afzal Identifying the role of the RIN4- NOI domains in plant disease resistance and developmental regulation Biology SBASSE 2015 Sciences
Hamid Abdul Basit Research and Development of a Cloud-based Systematic Code Reuse Platform for Public Administration Web Services Computer Science SBASSE 2015 Telecommunication
Misbah Tanveer Chaudhry Tracing Women in the Informal Sector of Pakistan-Labor Market Dynamics SDSB SDSB 2015 Economic develpoment
Zubair Abbasi Sharia and the Modern State: Judiciary and the Application of Islamic Jurisprudence in Pakistan Law & Policy SAHSOL 2015 Law and Policy
Ahmad Kamal Nasir Development of a low cost high resolution aerial mapping system for carbon sequestration: Electrical Engineering SBASSE 2016 Telecommunication
Irshad Hussain Development of nanoparticles-based sensitive method for the detection of bacteria in drinking water Chemistry SBASSE 2016 Water
Zartash Afzal Uzmi A Scalable Platform for Internet Censorship Measurements Electrical Engineering SBASSE 2016 Telecommunication
Ghayoor Abbas Chotana Design and Synthesis of New Boscalid Analogs Chemistry SBASSE 2016 Sciences
Zehra Waheed Building Inclusive and Sustainable Urban Waste Management Systems in Large Urban Centers of the Developing World: A Case of the City of Lahore SDSB SDSB 2016 Environment
Amir Faisal Cellular characterization of Aurora A kinase inhibitors for cancer therapeutics and identification of resistance mechanisms Biology SBASSE 2016 Sciences
Muhammad Saeed Antiviral Drug Design by Targeting Viral Specific Proteases Chemistry SBASSE 2016 Health
Safee Ullah Chaudhary Design and Development of a Multi-User Web Platform for Integrative Modelling and Simulation of Cancer Systems Biology Biology SBASSE 2016 Health
Kashif Zaheer Malik Equity-based Financing for Microenterprise in Pakistan Economics MGSHSS 2016 Business and Innovation
Muhammad Hamad Alizai Intermittent Computing for the Intermittently Powered Internet of Things Computer Science SBASSE 2016 Telecommunication
Wasif Tanveer Khan Design and Development of RF front-end of a UHF Band Software Defined Radio Electrical Engineering SBASSE 2016 Telecommunication
Asim Karim Modeling and Normalizing Roman-Urdu Text for Automatic Processing Computer Science SBASSE 2016 Technology
Muhammad Adeel Pasha GreenComm: Toward Developing an Energy-Efficient Platform for Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled Devices Electrical Engineering SBASSE 2016 Energy
Zaghum Umar Real Asset and Real returns: The case of Islamic vs conventional equities SDSB SDSB 2016 Business and Innovation