Faculty Travel Grant



The Faculty Travel Grant (FTG) policy has been formulated to provide guidelines in order to award and manage the FTG. This policy is applicable to all full time regular faculty members for international travel only.


Purpose of the Policy:

FTG is an internal funding mechanism that awards competitive grants to full‐time regular faculty for participation in research related international events such as conferences, seminars, symposiums, workshops or research collaborations. The purpose of the FTG is to encourage presentation of research papers and research collaborations by LUMS faculty. FTG award cycle runs quarterly for the period of 6 months. Application deadlines in respect of these cycles are announced by the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research.


Terms and Conditions:

  • All faculty members fulfilling eligibility conditions of applying for the HEC Travel Grant are required to apply for the HEC grant in order to avail FTG funding in future. OSPR helps in internally reviewing, dispatching and follow up of your application with HEC.
  • FTG approval decision may be conditional upon acceptance of the research paper or any other conditions as decided by the FTG Review Committee.
  • If an applicant has filed more than one application in a cycle, only one is considered for funding.
  • If more than one authors/presenters of the same paper/presentation apply then only one is funded.
  • If a Dean applies for FTG, the applications for that school are evaluated and ranked as per the mechanism determined by the VC.
  • FTG disbursements and reimbursements are governed by applicable LUMS policies.
  • The travel funds can be used only for the dates mentioned in the request form by the applicant and are expired at the end of its respective period.
  • No additional reimbursement is made other than the grant conditions awarded by the FTG Review Committee.
  • OSPR must be informed in case the applicant does not travel and utilize awarded grant.
  • Per Diem allowance is granted for the number of total event days plus one day to the FTG recipient.
  • Air fare and conference registration fee is reimbursed to the FTG grantee as per actual expense. However, all other expenses are reimbursed at the amounts quoted in the FTG form. Moreover, exchange rate fluctuations are also not reimbursed in case of ex-penses in foreign currency.


Application Submission Process:

  • Applicants submit their application for review to Department Chair who in turn forward it to School Dean.
  • After Dean's review, the application is forwarded to OSPR. OSPR reviews and evaluates the applications on merit basis in line with LUMS policies and prepares a summary of submitted applications for the perusal of FTG Review Committee.
  • FTG Review Committee allocates funds to applications on the basis of rankings assigned by the respective Deans.
  • OSPR announces the selected grant recipients after the decision is made.

Please click here to access the FTG policy.