Department of Chemistry, SBASSE
Principal Investigators: 
Dr. Muhammad Zaheer

Dr. Muhammad Zaheer earned his PhD degree from the University of Bayrueth under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Rhett Kempe. During his PhD, he worked on the development of robust heterogeneous catalysts for sustainable chemistry applications including biomass tranformation into fuels and chemicals. His current project focuses on the utilization of chemical methods in order to derive chemicals from rice husk and potentially gears about:-

 It's selective degradation to simple molecules

Playing with these simple molecules to prepare chemicals of industrial importance including solvents, fuels (e.g., ethanol) and building blocks of polymers (e.g., nylon, PET)


This project aims to provide a pathway for the effective and environment friendly utilization of agricultural residues so that the biomass waste content of the solid waste (~37 %) can be utilized for the production of chemicals helping both the environment and municipal corporation.